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The garden is filled with giant berries and weird creatures, but most of them are hidden. There is also a locked door, what’s that about? The Berry Garden is a physical playable print that lets you explore the universe in it with your mobile phone. Both a tiny mystery game, and something nice to hang on your wall so you can play it every now and then. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play: Conjure up your mobile phone while standing in front of the print and go to the website which can be found on the print itself. This opens a web app. On the print itself are tiny numbers and letters next to the elements you can interact with. When you enter these numbers or letters in the web app on your mobile phone you “zoom” in and can interact with that element. These interactions are things like talking to characters, finding and using items or small puzzles. The gameplay is comparable with a classic point’n click game, presented in a surprising printed medium


The Berry Garden is the first of a series of playable prints and other playable things to explore made by illustrator and game developer Menno Stas. It is currently still in development. More about the series and the web shop that will sell them to be announced soon.


  • A charming mystery game in a surprising printed medium.
  • Both a tiny mystery adventure, and a memoir to hang on your wall.
  • Playable by anyone with a mobile phone, no download required.


There are currently no trailers available for The Berry Garden. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Awards & Recognition

  • "Honorable mention - A MAZE Awards" The Berry Garden, 2017

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About Menno Stas

Menno Stas makes illustrations and games with lots of thought and care. Usually making characters and other designs that just seem to fit together and tell you something, whether it’s a story or a complex game mechanic. He operates as a freelancer while making his own brand of games.

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The Berry Garden Credits

Menno Stas
Illustrator, Developer

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